Secretariat Chief-of-Staff Oleh Rybachuk met with “PORA-PRP” Leader Vitaly Klichko to discuss the current political situation before upcoming elections, President's press office reported.

They both agreed that all political forces should spare no effort to conduct first fair and democratic elections in the country. Rybachuk said “the Secretariat will respond to any abuse of power during the elections.” He noted that, as Chief-of-Staff, he should make the government treat equally all participants of the campaign, help them gain access to television and never allow any official to abuse authority.

In his turn, Klichko said “all participants of the campaign should demonstrate political correctness and promote democratic electoral standards.”

This has been one of the meetings the Chief-of-Staff holds with political leaders to monitor the campaign according to President’s order on democratic elections.

Rybachuk also plans to meet with political leaders in the regions.


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