Government of Ukraine realizes that the course, headed for integration in the EU, demands advance development of transport infrastructure, as declared PM (Acting PM) of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov during today’s meeting of investment council attached to Ministry of Transport and Communication.

As the PM noted, the evolution of transport infrastructure is one of the main conditions of realization of long-term strategy of the state’s development.

According to the PM’s data, six milliard dollars were invested in the transport complex for the last five years; however, the need for investments is much more.

“This year, when we join the WTO, actions of the President, the Parliament and the Government will aim at attraction of investments. The authorities will do their best for investors to understand Ukraine and see its development for the better,” noted Yekhanurov.

With the framework of investment council, being held in Kyiv February 2, it will be represented 29 investment proposals in all spheres of transport and communication to the sum total of nine milliard dollars.


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