At a press conference in Zaporizhzhya, Victor Yushchenko said secret services claim there are no Ukrainian state companies among RosUkrEnergo owners, the President's press service informed.

“This structure has no relationship to state companies in Ukraine,” he said, adding that RosUkrEnergo was established in accordance with Russian laws.

Yushchenko also said the Anti-Monopoly Committee and other Ukrainian agencies controlling RosUkrEnergo in Ukraine knew its shareholders.

As long as Ukraine receives Turkmen gas, it will need an agent to transport it through Russian pipelines, he remarked. The President reminded those present that RosUkrEnergo had beendelivering Turkmen gas to Ukraine since 2002 and was the only Russian company licensed to do this. He said good reputation of this company intending to create a joint venture with Naftogaz was really important to Ukraine.

Earlier, at a special meeting on energy efficiency, the President noted that Ukraine wanted “its gas relations to be based on a transparent model” and said he had asked Vladimir Putin to make all RosUkrEnergo documents public. He also said the first meeting of the Yushchenko-Putin Commission was scheduled for this February.

The Head of Stateasserted thathe was pleased with Ukrainian-Russian relations and described them as equal and pragmatic.

“What we did recently shows that we negotiated as equal partners for the first time,” he said.

The President then assured all that “national interests have not been betrayed one iota” by Ukrainian government.


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