A shop of incredible products has been opened in Danish design center. The idea and the shop are named FLOW. 
What is FLOW?

FLOW represents itself as a mindset, an innovation tool and a commercial brand.

“A mindset focused on sustainable growth. An innovation tool which through the three sub-categories "individual, collective and environmental flow" concretizes the parameters for sustainable growth. And finally a brand that through these three parameters transforms and concretizes the mindset into commercial products and services.”

  • Individual flow: Physical, mental and spiritual growth.
  • Collective flow: Cultural, economic, social and technological growth
  • Environmental flow: Environmental growth
What is FLOW market?

FLOW market is a shop specifically designed to sell the FLOW mindset.

The three FLOWparameters have been transformed into products categories. The values and problems have been transformed into physical products in the shape of aesthetically designed empty packings and containers with print-on labels that the visiting consumers can buy at prices ranging from 15-150 dkr.

To list a few examples, under the product category "individual flow" the shop offers: stress killers, addiction liberators, inner calmness, and "meaningfulness".

Under the product category "collective flow" the shop offers: "Consumption moderators", "Commercial-free space", "tolerance" and "non-reachability".

Under the product category "Environmental flow" the shop offers: "pollution dissolver", "organic food", "clean tap water" and "clean air".
In keeping with these new scarcity goods FLOWmarket is highlighting Danish elite companies that have succeeded in gaining a leading position in the rapidly expanding "holistic market" through their unique approach to sustainable innovation.
The "holistic market" consists of phenomena such as "political consumption", "social entrepreneurship" and "corporate citizenship".

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