Accompanied by Environmental Minister Pavlo Ihnatenko, Architecture Minister Pavlo Kachur, Industrial Minister Volodymyr Shandra, Deputy Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan, Deputy Chief-of-Staff Anatoly Matviyenko, and Member of the Energy Commission Yuriy Kyyashko, Victor Yushchenko has arrived in Zaporizhzhya region, the President's press office told. 

He is scheduled to meet with mill directors and local officials to discuss energy efficiency.

In Zaporizhzhya, Victor Yushchenko has already visited Motor Sich. MS Director Vyacheslav Bohuslayev showed him aviation engines that have no analogues. The President also saw consumer goods, agrarian and medical equipment manufactured at the enterprise. He was then shown industrial equipment that helps save energy.

Yushchenko particularly wanted to see high-tech devices. He said he would soon meet with directors of all companies developing high technologies to discuss ways to coordinate their activity and formulate a development strategy.

“The world will win tomorrow with high technologies,” he opined.

The Head of State said government should support the national producer by helping our products enter international markets. He noted that Ukraine had enough resources to advance. Yushchenko reiterated that in 2005 Ukraine had sold more aircrafts than in the past fourteen years.

One of the world’s biggest enterprises, Motor Sich produces 69 types and modifications of equipment for 88 kinds of aircrafts. Its engines are used in military and civil aviation in more than 100 countries.

At Motor Sich in Zaporizhzhya, Victor Yushchenko visited a presentation of a pilot project of the System for Automatic Remote Control Over Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators of Atmospheric Pollution, which had been elaborated by the Environmental Ministry.

Zaporizhzhya Deputy Governor Oleksandr Fin said the project would be launched in the first quarter of 2006. The system will monitor the amount of atmospheric discharges. This issue is really important for Zaporizhzhya where it grew from 121 thousand tons in 2001 to 146 thousand tons in 2004.

The authors of the project think it will help considerably reduce pollution and essentially improve the monitoring by applying modern technologies. Zaporizhzhya Governor Evhen Chervonenko said the local authorities intended to install a special indicator board displaying the discharge data. The availability of such information would help the local community to more actively demand that directors of environmentally unsafe enterprises should introduce new technologies, Chervonenko remarked.

It will take about UAH 30mln to implement the project. Its authors said they wanted to announce a tender.
President Victor Yushchenko also visited the Zaporizhstal mill and watched its workers roll thin metal sheets in one of the shops.During his meeting with ZS directors, the President asked themif such energy-consuming mills as Zaporizhstal were ready to accept new market challenges after gas prices had been liberalized. He insisted that the mill should consider possibilities to promote energy efficiency.
Commenting on environmental aspects of Zaporizhstal, the President said it was important to meet with local officials, ministers and mill directors to solve environmental problems of the region.

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