In an interview for the National Television Company of Romania, prior to Traian Basescu’s official visit to Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko said the Yushchenko – Basescu Commission would consider “sensitive” issues in interstate relations.

The President pointed out that they aimed to “respond to the most complicated problems of our political, humanitarian, democratic, and economic relations.” Ukraine wants to continue navigating the Danube, delimitate the continental shelf and economic zones of the two countries in the Black Sea, and Yushchenko hopes the Commission will help solve these problems.

Commenting on regional interaction between Ukraine and Romania, the Head of State claimed that safety policy in the Black Sea region was really important.

“Unfortunately, we live in the region with ‘frozen’ conflicts, which no longer affect one side,” he said and added that one of such unsettled problems was the Trans-dniester conflict.

He remarked that Ukraine and Romania were political partners in their bid to respond to such issues.

Speaking about the development of Ukrainian-Romanian relations in the past year, Yushchenko said the two countries are more open in their dialogue and demonstrate mutual trust.

“The enhancement of our dialogue is the most characteristic feature of the year 2005,” he opined and then reiterated that he had met with his Romanian counterpart three times in the past year.

The President said he expected our relations to improve in 2006.

“I am looking forward to Mr. Basescu’s visit. I am glad we have discovered this format of cooperation. I am convinced this year will add some new quality to our relations,” he said.


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