Accompanied by Architecture Minister Pavlo Kachur, Coal Minister Victor Topalov, and Deputy Chief-of-Staff Anatoly Matviyenko, Victor Yushchenko went to the city of Alchevsk to personally check how heating supplies are being restored to homes. He is scheduled to visit a school and a few houses and meet with the local authorities at the Alchevsk Mill.

On January 26, the government decided to send UAH 2.5 mln to help the city cope with the disaster.

On the same day, Victor Yushchenko delegated a government group, led by Emergency Minister Victor Baloha, to visit the city to find out how much money the city council needs to fixa gap in the hot-water system leaving 677 local residents without heating.

Health Minister Yuriy Polyachenko had also visited the site. Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov is expected to come to Alchevsk in few days.


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