On January 28, Ukraine filed a note against the seizure of Inter Channel journalists’ videotapes by the authorities in Belarus, the neighbouring country, whose authoritarian leader has warned there will be foreign attempts to influence the forthcoming presidential election.

In a note delivered to Belarusian diplomats, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expressed concern and asked Belarus to return the tapes. Belarusian diplomatic representative was reported about the problem. He pledged to clear the incident and to give the explanations as soon as possible.

Belarusian border guards seized three videotapes containing reports about the election to be held on March 19 from a crew from Ukraine’s Inter television, according to one of the journalists, Oleksiy Ivanov. He said the journalists were told the tapes could contain evidence of anti-government activity. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said Belarusian diplomats promised the incident would be investigated, Khaleej Times reported referring to AP.


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