In Sunday's radio address, Victor Yushchenko outlined a four-point plan to restore Ukraine’s municipal economy.

First of all, we should demonopolise the municipal sector and develop competition, as declared Yushchneko, presidential press office reported.

“When our municipal services start fighting for customers, long lines and poor quality will disappear. Those offering the best service will win,” he said.

Then we should change tariff policy to make prices depend on the quality of services. The Head of State reiterated that gas and electricity prices for the people would not be increased.

“I ordered the cabinet to always consider public opinion and introduce only well-grounded changes,” he said.

Energy efficiency is the third point of his plan. Yushchenko said the existing system of municipal subsidies was unfair and insisted that it should be changed.

“This reform should be publicly discussed,” he said. “Government must explain its every step to the people but reforms should be introduced when society supports them.”

Yushchenko said energy conservation helped reduce the consumption of resources by two times in other countries.

The final point of the offered plan is affordable housing.

Then the President said local government was responsible for introducing this reform.

“The pace of change depends on their active work and professionalism,” he asserted and added that the regions had enough resources and funds to achieve results.

Yushchenko also called on the local authorities to apply the experience of our neighbors. 

The Head of State noted that this week’s cold weather “has challenged local government and municipal economy.” The people “needed our help and support,” he said.

“They needed our support […] but certain political forces attempted to use this unheard-of frost in their electoral campaign,” he said.

Yushchenko delegated the cabinet to analyze economic problems in the regions and find all negligent officials who allowed accidents to happen and remained indifferent to the desperate people. 

The President thanked governors who expressed solidarity and sent equipment and rescuers to the accident zone: “I thank all Ukrainians who thought not only about heating in their homes but also about those who had no place to go.” 


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