Ukraine’s PM Yuri Yekhanurov said he had never carried on business. “I have never carried on business that is why I can sleep the sleep of the just. But I should say I am richer approximately five times more than the former Premier of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko,” said Yekhanurov.

“I filled the declaration. In comparison with ‘poor’ Timoshenko I am considerably the rich man. My annual income makes $30,000. I also have deposits. So, everything is clear. I sold my private dacha because I decided to be a politician. You know sometimes such things like dachas and so on may spoil someone’s political carrier,” mentioned Yuri Yekhanurov.

“We belong to so-called ‘middle class.’ My wife works in a bank; she is a high-skilled specialist. She is a chief of bank department and of course her wage is bigger than mine. My son earns his own living. PM’s wage is pretty high, so, everything is all right,” stressed Ukraine’s PM.


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