“It is possible to form a big band from the citizens running for the parliament,” said Kyrylo Kulikov the Chief of the National Interpol Bureau.

He said the Central Election Committee handed in the election lists for Interpol to check them.

According to the results of the revision, lots of candidates are searched by Interpol. “How might they apply? Those who accepted their applications are the criminals too because they are engaged in misprision of the criminals. Vitrenko’s list is the best one. There are no spaces to tick them off! Salo, Vartsaba! Bodelan – they try to include even him but he refused… Pavel Ivanovich (Lazarenko - edit.) longs for Verkhovna Rada. All “have-beens” handed in the applications except Pukach! Besides, several citizens of the USA and even Republic of Cape Verde,” stressed Kulikov.


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