The Pechersk district court of Kyiv has obliged the former Chief -of -Staff Oleksandr Zinchenko to refute his statement blaming the ex- secretary of the NSD Petro Poroshenko. As a press office of Petro Poroshenko informs, the court has obliged Zinchenko to refute his statement during a week from the day the decision comes into force.

“Regardless of pathetic statements of Mr. Zinchenko about sabotage of the court decisions and his wish not to argument his words, it is well-known that on January 24 his representatives were in couloirs trying to get to know the details of the court sitting,” the press-service reported.

“According to Ukrainian law, in case of failure to carry out a court decision, people are forced to do this. But inadequate behavior of Mr. Zinchenko proves that this person does not answer for his action. If he refuses to fulfill the court decision, Mr. Poroshenko will not prosecute him,” the message says.


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