“Our Ukraine Bloc’s position has strengthened since the parliamentary decision of January 10 (Cabinet’s dismissal – ed.),” Prime Minister of Ukraine (according to the VR resolution acting PM – ed.) said at a press conference in Odesa yesterday, Razom informed. Talking about pros and cons of the power’s activity within a year, Yekhanurov said that people were stealing less and paying taxes better.
“I think that we never had such rate of social tasks’ fulfillment for the whole years of Ukraine’s independence”, PM stressed. He also remarked achievements in the sphere of people’s rights, democratization and freedom of speech.

“Talking about failures, I think that all my colleagues economists and international observers agree that a slogan on denationalization that appeared in February 2005 did great harm to our country,” noted Yuri Yekhanurov. “I think that this negative experience should be remembered. We need to understand that investments come into the country with precise guarantees of sacred private property.”


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