According to live data, for the last 24 hours 401 men were hospitalized with a diagnosis “exposure” and “frostbite”, 26 men died.

As reported press office of Ministry of Health, for the last 24 hours in Kiyv it was registered 22 addresses of Ukraine’s citizens for medical care in connection with exposure of organism, 21 of them were hospitalized.

21 citizens addressed for medical care, 12 were hospitalized and two men died in Kyiv region.

40 men suffered in Kharkiv region, 16 were hospitalized, three died. 34 men addressed doctors in Kherson region and were hospitalized; three men died.

132 men suffered in Donetsk region for the last 24 hours, 63 were hospitalized, four men died.

There were 44 people's addresses registered in connection with exposure in Zaporizhzhya region, 35 men were hospitalized, five died.

14 men were hospitalized in Zhytomyr region, three men died. Eight citizens were hospitalized in Poltava region, six men died. 13 citizens were hospitalized in Luhansk region.

Health Ministry controls the situation with people’s sickness rate.


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