“Having created a strange alliance Yanukovich-Tymoshenko, proved by a voting for the dismissal of ministers, including Holovaty’s, who had nothing to do with gas, Yulia Tymoshenko put everything at stake,” a member of NSNU party Council, the ex-secretary of the NSDC Petro Poroshenko said in his interview to Glavred information agency.
“She is not with Maydan anymore. Surely, she is not for Yushchenko, but first and foremost for herself,” he added.

“Yulia Tymoshenko always declared she would never unite with Mr. Yanukovich in her public history. Let’s keep silent about her non-public history. But the first obstacle appeared on her way. Ignoring the fact that it will do harm to her image, rating and her reputation of a girl from Maydan, she nevertheless decided to unite with Mr. Yanukovich. She decided to fish in troubled waters,” noted Petro Poroshenko.


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