In his television address to the nation on January 23, Victor Yushchenko offered a four-point plan to stabilize the political and social situation in Ukraine, presidential press office reported.

He believes the government and parliament should pass a moratorium on all decisions which might undermine stability in the country.

“The President, his cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada should create conditions for fair elections and then create a majority which will eventually select a new government,” he said.

They must also convene a constitutional court. Yushchenko urged the Verkhovna Rada to hold a swearing-in ceremony.

“Our parliamentarians must compromise to appoint these judges. I believe that society will appreciate such a move,” he opined.

Commenting on parliamentary reform, the Head of State said, “As President of Ukraine, I respect the law and admit that the new constitution came into force on January 1, 2006, but I still think it is not ideal.”

He reiterated that these constitutional changes had been passed stealthily and so “society should say what they think about the changes.”

“After the election we will honestly discuss this reform,” he promised.

Yushchenko believes the President, parliament and cabinet should establish a joint working group to formulate ways to harmonize all branches of government.

He also thinks the new parliament must immediately pass laws to define the status of the president, his cabinet and parliamentary opposition and to conduct a referendum. These laws are vital to complete the constitutional changes.

“A year ago I pledged to change government. The first step has been made. The election should assert these changes to completely ruin the old regime,” he said and expressed confidence that democratic parties and blocs would win the election. “We need a team for victories and reforms. Each of you is a member of my team.”


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