Leader of the BYuT Yulia Tymoshenko agreed with an initiative of the bloc PORA-PRP to from a coalition before elections.

As reported press office of Civil party PORA, “January 20, in life broadcast of ICTV Channel, Vladislav Kaskiv offered Tymoshenko to form a coalition as regards future parliamentary majority as early as before election.”

“The BYuT’s leader agreed with the proposition, having added that ‘Our Ukraine’ also should join the coalition,” says the report.

According to the press office, “January 22 deputy head of the BYuT Mikola Tomenko confirmed the bloc’s readiness to sign the agreement.”

“Participants of the agreement undertake to form parliamentary majority in the Verkhovna Rada of new convocation on basis of ‘orange forces’,” underlined Tomenko.

Volodymyr Filenko, head of PORA-PRP election HQ, reported that public consideration of agreement’s text would start January 24.


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