President Victor Yushchenko may take actions Monday aimed at ending developing political crisis aggravated by Parliament’s refusal to let judges assume their duties at the Constitutional Court, an official said Sunday, Ukrainian journal informed.

The court is instrumental in resolving the standoff between the president and powerful opposition groups in Parliament over their controversial vote on Jan. 10 to dismiss the government.

Yushchenko rejected the vote as unconstitutional, but his appeal to the Constitutional Court had yielded little result as the court for months had been lacking quorum to rule on any dispute.

“The president will address the nation on Monday,” Oleh Rybachuk, the chief of staff at the Yushchenko office, said Sunday. “The address will respond to the issue of the political crisis.”

Although the nature of the response has never been disclosed, some politicians have been recently speculating that Yushchenko should take an action to let the judges assume their duties bypassing a ceremony in Parliament.

The president, Parliament and an independent panel of judges are supposed to appoint an equal number of judges to the court. All the appointed judges must be taking an oath at a special ceremony in Parliament before assuming the duties, according to the law.

Opposition lawmakers, led by Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, have been refusing to let the ceremony amid fears that Yushchenko may appeal to the court to cancel controversial amendments to the constitution. The amendments, in effect since Jan. 1, reduce powers of the president and increase powers of Parliament.

Yushchenko, speaking Sunday on the occasion of the Unity Day, said the judges must assume their duties at the court as soon as possible. Yushchenko also said the court must quickly review the amendments, a comment that suggests the president views the amendments as one of the biggest concerns.

“Ukraine, as a democratic country, deserves to have its own Constitutional Court,” Yushchenko said. He later added: “If we are talking about honest constitutional amendments then what are we afraid of?”


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