Mykola Yaroshenko works in Lukyanovskaya prison. He has recently inherited $4.5 million form “South African diamond magnate” whose name is Solomon Howard. Lucky legatee is going to spend the whole sum for prison. He plans turning the prison in a museum. The most interesting exhibits will be Timoshenko’s and Kolesnikov’s wards.

“Ii will be very interesting. We will collect all details – lock-picks, prisoners’ letters and so on. Retired warders will hold the excursions. Our adult visitors will get the prison overalls instead of usual museum slippers. We will show the wards where Yulia Timoshenko and Borys Kolesnikov spent their imprisonment. To make prison tourism is our main goal. For example, a person is sick-and-tired of commonness and he wants something extraordinary – here come we and lock him in the ward and all what he eats is balanda (prison dietary). He will ‘have a rest’ and understand that all problems out of these walls – are not real problems!” concluded Yaroshenko.

Speaking on the goals of the project, Yaroshenko stressed that” museum will work for school-boys to get know what is real criminal responsibility – close-stools, bars and socks for hanging oneself. The tourism is just for profit.”


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