On Saturday, January 21, it is planned to sign all contracts on gas agreement with Russia and formation of a joint venture, which will deliver gas to Ukraine, as reported Ivan Plachkov, Minister for Fuel and Energy, after the meeting of the Cabinet.

According to Plachkov, a draft resolution of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers about formation of joint venture, which is to be named “Gazenergo”, but not “Gaztransit, as reported before, by Naftogaz Ukrainy and RosUkrEnergo Company must be prepared to Saturday. The joint venture is considered to be formed as a closed joint-stock company.

Plachkov expressed assurance that the agreement on gas supply at the price of $95 for 1000 cu m would be signed for five years, as agreed before. 

The gas price will be set by the contract between direct economic subjects - the joint venture and RosUkrEnergo. The joint enterprise's functions are to buy gas at $95 from RosUkrEnergo and to deliver it to consumers of Ukraine, Plachkov told.

According to his words, the joint venture will be registered in Ukraine and will be regulated by the laws of Ukraine. Plachkov specified that Naftogaz would not have any assets in the statutory fund of the joint enterprise.

Moreover, Plachkov is sure that Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine will permit the creation of this joint venture. "I think it is profitable deal, it should be signed," concluded he.


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