Commenting on rejection to introduce WTO drafts in the plenary agenda, Olexandr Stoyan, the member of Regions of Ukraine faction stated Ukraine’s membership in WTO now would be the inexpedient step.

By his next statement, the member of the parliament supported “constructive cooperation between the government, the parliament and the President.”

He reckons the President and PM must be present at Thursday plenary session because the country needs compromise between rivals. Stoyan insists on dismissal of some ministers in that case the parliament may consider the question on continuation of current Cabinet’s work.

“When today some people say that the Cabinet does not work, they should recall November and December of 2004 when ‘orange team’ blockaded the government’s work and President’s Administration. The opposition blockades neither the government nor President’s Secretariat now. They may discharge their obligations and being ‘acting as’ they may work better for Ukrainians to believe in their professionalism,” concluded Olexandr Stoyan.


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