Russian has not received any official explanations from Ukraine concerning Yalta lighthouse, as reported Foreign Minister of Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

“We never received intelligible official explanation of the fact of the lighthouse’s seizure,” said the Minister during the press conference in Moscow, RIA Novosty informed.

He noted that the lighthouse’s seizure happened “in one day after Presidents of Russia and Ukraine had expressed mutual contentment by the negotiations, and Yushchenko had confirmed that the Black Sea agreement would be undeviatingly followed.”

After the lighthouse had been seized, Russian side “appealed for official explanation to the administration of the President of Ukraine,” as reminded Lavrov. According to him, the administration answered that they had come to know about the seizure from newspapers, promised to examine the case and to give an official answer.

“To our surprise we witnessed the declaration of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine that all lighthouses and navigation and hydrographic objects are held by Russia illegally and must be returned,” continued Lavrov.

“It is difficult to understand who stands behind these declarations and speaks on behalf of Ukraine. We are still waiting for intelligible official explanations,” pointed out Russian Minister.


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