A fight took place in Chernivtsi during a meeting of Yulia Tymoshenko with natives on the Soborna Square. Representatives of the BYuT were trying to provoke a fight with members of “Youth Union Our Ukraine”, which came to the square with slogans “Who has betrayed Maydan ideals?” (With photos of Tymoshenko and Yanukovych), “What have you done with Maydan’s heart?” etc.
Six slogans and a transparency were destroyed and three representatives of “Youth Union Our Ukraine” Vasyl Ilchuk, Dmytro Muzyka and Anatoly Fesyuk have suffered from the BYuT members’ attack.

The deputy head of the regional organization of “Youth Union Our Ukraine” Volodymyr Beshley thinks that the main purpose of aggressive actions was to remove “Our Ukraine” members from the square. Five fighters pleaded to be guilty. “We were paid for that,” the fight’s initiators told local police.

The offenders face the punishment - 15 days under arrest or an administrative penalty.


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