Verkhovna Rada passed the draft bill “On introduction of changes in some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the state regulation of production and turnover of tobacco goods,” 299 members of the parliament voted for it.

The draft bill introduces changes to the acts “On measures on prevention and reduction of tobacco goods usage and its harmful influence on population health” and “On state regulation of tobacco goods production and turnover of ethyl, cognac and fruit alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco goods.”

The draft bill edits the terms “nicotine” and “tar.” Besides, it prohibits usage of terms, inscriptions, trademarks, images, symbols or any other signs creating fallacious image of tobacco (one is better than another because of less number of tar) and its influence on human health. It prohibits usage of terms “light,” “ultra light” and “low number of tar” and their analogs in other languages.


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