Sergey Ivanov, Vice-Premier and Defense Minister, declared Tuesday Russia is ready to continue negotiations on further fate of navigation and hydrographic equipment of Black Sea Fleet.

“The basic agreement between Russia and Ukraine, which names all objects of navigation and hydrographic equipment, provides for a possibility to conclude a separate agreement on objects of navigational support. Work is underway on it. Russian side is ready to continue the negotiations,” said Ivanov, RIA Novosty informed.

According to him, Russian delegation at the head of Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin will go to Kyiv on February to continue the negotiations.

Ivanov also confirmed that the issue of navigation and hydrographic equipment can be solved at intergovernmental level.

“If they (objects) are named in the documents, their further fate can be decided at intergovernmental level, with framework of intergovernmental agreements. Decisions of courts of any level can not be applied to intergovernmental agreements,” underlined the RF Vice-Premier.

He reported that besides Yalta lighthouse, which is mentioned in a supplement to the basic agreement between Russia and Ukraine on Black Sea Fleet, all other objects under the jurisdiction of Russia are also named.

“The objects of navigational support of Black Sea Fleet, part of which is based on the territory of Ukraine, Crimea, are named in the basic agreement of 1997 year,” said Ivanov.


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