Victor Yanukovich, leader of Party of Regions, will desist from signing any agreements with President Victor Yushchenko from this time onwards, as said in the decision made by the Party’s Political Council, press office of Party of Regions reported.

“Taking into account evident irresponsibility of President Victor Yushchenko in observance of the achieved agreements, to recommend leader of Party of Regions Victor Yanukovich to desist from signing any agreements with him from now on,” reads the document.

According to members of the political council, recall of Yushchenko’s signature to the Memorandum on mutual understanding between the power and the opposition means that “public order, peace and stability in the state is not the main goal of the President and the Government for today, as well as a year ago.”

“The power heads for aggravation of the political crisis, intimidation of the Verkhovna Rada deputies, opposition, and society in general,” says the decision of the political council.

According to the document, the main task of Party of Regions during its pre-election campaign is “detailed explanation of malignancy of the system, brought by the ‘orange revolution’, to voters.

“Activity of the President and the Government aims to provide pro-power forces with the majority of parliamentary seats, but not to defend interests of the Ukrainian people. All this was the main reason for the Government’s dismissal,” says the document.


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