People’s veche in support of the President Victor Yushchenko and Yuri Yekhanurov’s government took place in Lviv, "Our Ukraine" web-site informed. Participants of the action, about 10 000 people, went out in streets with orange and national flags. They also held flags of “Our Ukraine” Bloc, Socialist party, PORA party and placards with slogans “Tymoshenko and Yanukovich are the fifth column”, “Lviv backs the President”, “There is only one Ukraine for all of us”, “Yulia, go away, Yushchenko yes!”

Petro Oliynyk, vice-governor of Lviv region and the head of Lviv region party organization of “Our Ukraine”, opened the veche. “Many people are trying to persuade us that Lviv is disappointed and does not know who to vote for. Standing before us and noticing that we are many, I understand that Lviv knows who to vote for and it is funny to talk about disappointment,” said he.

“A year has passed since the presidential elections, and we face hard work. We are not going to be disappointed, we plan to work and elect people’s Rada that will work together with people’s President,” Petro Oliynyk emphasized.


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