Opening a special cabinet meeting, Victor Yushchenko said he expected the government to present a clear program for the first quarter of 2006, presidential press office reported.

The President pointed out that he had two reasons to convene the meeting. First of all, the ministers should analyze the situation in the executive system and, second, they should formulate “an absolutely clear-cut program for their efficient work” until the new cabinet is formed after elections. Their priority is to start introducing energy saving reforms. 

Addressing those present, the Head of State said in such circumstances they could demonstrate their professional commitment and patriotism.

Commenting on a recent voting to sack the cabinet, Yushchenko claimed that he withdrew from the Memorandum on Cooperation, signed in September 2005 between government and opposition. The President said he did it “because the other side has neglected its fundamental principle of cooperation to stabilize the situation in Ukraine.”

Yushchenko added that all recent events proved the suppositions that unbalanced changes to the Constitution might undermine the situation.    

He opined that the Constitutional Court “is, in fact, the first victim of the victory of corporate interests over country’s needs.”

“We can say that the Constitution of Ukraine is deprived of its voice,” he stressed.

The President, however, expressed confidence that because of the current situation the government would find many “normal democratic” partners.

He also insisted on the importance to build constructive relations with the Verkhovna Rada.

“I hope that regardless of what has happened after that resolution the government will consider building constructive relations with parliament to be one of its priorities,” he said.

Yushchenko thinks during this session they should approve about thirty important bills “which can lay fundamentals of new policy in 2006.”

“So I would like to ask the government and parliament to reach a sufficient level of communication and understanding to pass these laws,” he noted.

The President also pledged to observe the law, “We must show all political forces that we respect the Constitution of Ukraine and will act legally.” 


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