“Andrey Shkilhas nothing in common with the Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian National Defense Party (UNA-UNSO), as he left it when he became a member of Batkivshchina (Homeland) Party. For UNA-UNSO Shkil is like a finger cut off, and that’s all. Andrey Shkil will do what Yulia Timoshenko tells him to do,” leader of the UNA Party Yuri Shukhevich said at a news conference in Lvov on January 12, reports Regnum.

“Interests of Mistress Yulia are closer for Shkil and higher than the interests of Ukraine. Probably, it can be proved by the party discipline and so on. But as for Timoshenko herself, she is more concerned with her personal ambitions, than with the fate of Ukraine,” noted Shukhevich. According to him, Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko (BYT) has started losing voters’ sympathy long before the elections. “Today common members of BYT switch to UNA-UNSO in dozens,” Shukhevich noted.

As for reasons of BYT losing support of the electorate, Shukhevich listed among them voting against the state budget and for the for the dissmissal of the government. “Such voting is a trivial treason,” concluded the UNA-UNSO leader.


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