Victor Yushchenko met with Poland’s Foreign Minister Stefan Meller, presidential press office reported.

They discussed bilateral relations and energy projects to construct gas pipelines in Ukraine. The Head of State  informed his vis-à-vis on recent gas talks with Russia.

“Ukraine is quite satisfied with the agreement, signed with the Russian Federation. There is no problem anymore,” he stressed and added that “relations with Russia will soon be considerably rationalized and rehabilitated.”

In his turn, Stefan Meller noted that “the experience of this gas incident was a very important lesson for all” and added that “Poland will try to actively reform the energy market by discussing this issue in the EU.” He also assured Yushchenko that Poland had done and would do its best to make Ukraine’s path to the EU and NATO easier, for “Europe cannot be stable without a stable and developed Ukraine.”

Yushchenko then invited the Polish President to visit Ukraine in February 2006.


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