Making the report on gas issue in Verkhovna Rada, PM Yekhanurov said that by now the balance of supply and usage of gas has been already set.

He mentions that gas deliverance by $95 as far as Ukrainian frontier will be carried out by the company which was chosen by Russia and Ukrainian-Russian joint company will receive it on the frontier. Ukraine will put up money in this joint company. “The director of the joint company will be appointed by Ukraine,” stressed Yekhanurov.

“Taking into account the enormous number of speculations, we should not worry about gas bargains behind or in front of our frontier. We should be interested in the “in” price - $95, it is good price regarding European price state. It is not our business how many times the gas will be sold before our frontier and how much it will cost,” noted PM of Ukraine.

Concerning the gas price for Ukrainian residents, Yuri Yekhanurov declares it will remain the same. Besides he marked out that additional expenses having appeared after the gas settlement were “little that is why the budget should be completely revised.”

“We will consider all these items,” pledged PM. Besides, he mentioned that it would be pointless to increase wholesale gas price by 25%.


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