Commenting on Yulia Timoshenko’s statement concerning gas issue, Naftogaz President Oleksiy Ivchenko accused Timoshenko and Victor Yanukovich, Party of Regions leader, of using gas issue for conducting pre-election campaign.

 “All statements and declarations made by Yulia Timoshenko on gas issue are nothing but a pre-election campaign. Yulia Timoshenko, as well as Victor Yanukovich, will milk from breaking all established relations, envisaged by the gas agreement. The worse the situation in the country, the better for them. Unfortunately, what happens in the Ukrainian politics is hysteria instead of consolidation of effort; this activity is for the profit of opposing countries,” said Ivchenko, REGNUM informed.

Oleksiy Ivchenko also stressed that the gas price ($95) cannot be changed without consent of the Ukrainian side, as well as the gas transit tariff cannot be changed without consent of the Russian side.


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