Yuri Yekhanurov, Prime Minister of Ukraine, points out Ukraine’s interest in formation of Common Economic Area with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

“We have started an avtive work with the framework of Common Economic Area,” said Yekhanurov speaking out in Luhansk.

He noted that Ukraine is working at 93 draft documents, Interfax-Ukraine reported. According to Yekhanurov, 10-12 documents has been agreed, and Ukraine is ready to sign them at any moment. Besides, there are no fundamental disagreements in other five-six documents and their approval is in process. Other documents need to be revised.

Ukraine’s PM also underlined Ukraine’s interest in Commonwealth of Independent States and in effectiveness of mechanisms of this organization.

Earlier Yekhanurov declared that he would ask Vladimir Putin, presiding over CIS, to influence Russia for gradual switch to European payment for gas.

“I have an idea to appeal to Vladimir Putin, presiding over CIS, with the request to influence one of CIS members – Russian Federation – to assist Ukraine in stage-by-stage switch to market relations in gas sphere,” said Yekhanurov. He noted that the corresponding letter would be signed either by the President of Ukraine or the Prime Minister.


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