The leader of National Opposition bloc, Natalia Vitrenko, urges the leaders of the political parties, opposing to Yushchenko - Victor Medvedchuk, Victor Yanukovcyh, Bohdan Gavrysh, Gennadiy Vasylyev, Oleksiy Kostusev and some other - to unite their efforts and to present concrete demands to the state government.

Vitrenko is confident that Ukraine’s government complicated the “gas conflict” on purpose in order to lead it into the political sphere. In her opinion this might lead to negative consequences and spoil the relations of the two states.

Vitrenko urges the politicians to organize a round table in order to discuss the situation and to present Victor Yushchenko their shared demands. In her opinion, the main points of the discussion should be unreasonableness and unacceptability of Ukraine’s integration into NATO and the necessity for Ukraine to join Common Economic Area, on the principles of which to solve the gas issue.

She also declared that in case if such demands are not implemented by the President, Victor Yushchenko will have to leave his position as a President.


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