The European Union does not intend to interfere into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine concerning gas supply, but considers that the problem of gas transit to Europe should be solved due to principles of market economy, as declared Mark Franko, head of Eurocommission representative office in Russian Federation.

“At the present stage the EU does not plan to interfere into the discussion on supply and transit of gas between two countries, I would even say, between two companies,” said Franko in an interview Thursday, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

“This conflict needs a decision, based on principles of market economy concerning transit gas supply,” he underlined.

Commenting on the EU decision to recognize Ukraine as a country with market economy, he said that “the decision was well-thought and generally right.”

At the same time Franko noted that “it is possible to find moments, which do not correspond with the status of market economy, in every country.”


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