Russian Federation proposed gas at the price of $220-230 for 1000 c.m. and would not make any other price propositions, as declared Victor Khristenko, head of Russian Ministry of industrial energy.

“Russia submitted its propositions and delivered drafts of agreement s and contracts. There will be no other propositions,” said Khristenko to journalists Tuesday.

Russian Minister called Ukrainian side to “follow strictly the negotiation process.”

In response to the question whether Russia will cut off gas January 1, Khristenko said “January 1 will come in any case, and Russian gas corporation will follow its rights and contracts, existing for the moment.”

“There will be no illegal action from Russia’s and Russian companies’ side,” assured the Minister.

Khristenko also refuted Kyiv’s declarations about Moscow’s readiness to pass to stage-by-stage switch to the market relation in the gas sphere, RIA Novosty informed.

“Declared statements concerning readiness of Russian side to pass to stage-by-stage switch to the market relation in the gas sphere are contrary to fact,” said Khristenko to journalists.

According to him, he is puzzled by Ukraine’s declaration about “extraction” of 15% of Russian gas for payment of gas transit via territory of Ukraine.

“Referring to the whole history of our gas relations I can’t even remember such topic. Percents are out of the question,” pointed out the Minister.


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