Russia does not share PM Yekhanurov’s opinion. The President of Russian Union of Oil and Gas Industrials Gennadiy Shmal commenting on Yekhanurov’s words stated “if Yekhanurov wants to return the natural exchange which was practised by our countries some years ago, he needs to enlist Gazprom’s support. But I doubt Gazprom would do it. It is a passed stage and there is no sense in returning to it. Everybody switches to money payments; it is a world-wide practise.”

As a reminder, on December 14, 2005 Gazprom President Aleksey Miller noticed that “we must work on the markets by equal rules and in the first time it concerns CIS countries and former republics of the USSR because the gas price for them has not corresponded European level. “ He also noticed that Gazprom would supply Europe with gas by the existing agreements.


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