The government of Ukraine must provide gradual gas price increase up to the market standards in the home market, Director General Gaz Ukraina Alexandr Bolkisev told.

“We must press towards the market gas prices. We are not rich enough to live by cheap gas,” stressed Bolkisev in the press conference in Kyiv.

He mentioned that the practise of fuel price restraints did not stimulate the owners of the enterprises to introduce energy-saving technologies.

A day before, Naftogaz President Oleksiy Ivchenko expressed the same view as Bolksiev did. He mentioned that the government on behalf of Naftogaz practising the low gas price gives subsidy to the private metallurgical and chemical enterprises.

Moreover, the low prices give the possibility for these enterprises to be very profitable. But the main part of their incomes is not taxed because their owners get it out of the country through the off-shore companies-mediators.


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