In the interview to Zerkalo Nedeli, PM Yuri Yekhanurov revealed the Cabinet’s plans on the next year. In particular he said:” May I tell something that you have not asked me and none has known it yet? For example, Ukraine will supply electricity to Belarus. It will be 2.5 milliard kilowatts per hour. I greatly appreciate the President of Belarus Lukashenko for his initiative in this project. Belarus made a decision to diversify the electricity sources.

Secondly, we open Dnepr and Belarus will carry its potash fertilizer firstly to Ukraine then to Europe. So, it means the previous path will be renewed. The bridge in Novi Sade, Yugoslavia was reconstructed and we may start working.

Thirdly, I am afraid to tell it but electricity export to Slovakia will be document bypassed Hungary through Western section of Ukraine. However, the most interesting moment in this story is the change of energy tariffs for Hungary. The tariffs became equal with average ones in Europe instead of 50% discount as it had been before due to ‘right people’ in Hungary.”


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