Coming out in the press conference, Gazprom Vice-President Alexandr Medvedev said that Ukraine’s position on gas price did not hold water. As a reminder, Ukraine continues standing on position that the gas price must not be changed before 2009.

“We have enough juridical weapons to defend our own standpoint,” stressed Medvedev.

Medvedev mentions that the economic charter signed and ratified by Ukraine does not provide for interdependency of the decrees on transit and supply. He said that Ukraine exporting gas to Romania, perfectly knows how much the gas in the world market is. Regarding this situation, “Ukraine’s high level initiative to work according European principles and standards, of course, was supported by Russia.” It is logically sound because of Ukraine works towards Europe, Medvedev told.

Gazprom Vice-President reminds that the EU has recently granted the market economy status to Ukraine, and such a high status, in turns, imposes “corresponding obligations on Ukraine.”


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