“The program the president ran the elections with is being implemented”, the head of the Central executive committee of “Our Ukraine” Bloc Mykola Katerynchuk said in an interview to “Komsomolska Pravda”.

“Yushchenko likes to repeat that this program is not a plan for 5 years. It is a road map we have to look at to understand whether the way we follow is the right one”, he emphasized.

“The pre-election program of “Our Ukraine” Bloc continues and develops it. The power team has realized “10 steps” program by 90%”, said Katerynchuk.

“We have looked through many party programs and seen many similar ideas and approaches. Promises are one matter, hard work is another one”, he said.

“For example, if the question concerns a reform of the judicial system, all parties propose the same. The same situation is in agricultural and tax reform spheres. But it is not always implemented. We are consecutive and know what to do”, Katerynchuk stressed.

“That’s why we have elaborated appropriate draft laws for every point of our program”, he added.


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