The introduction of the political reform “will become a difficult process” due to adaptation of citizens, as well as political parties, to this system, as declared Olexander Moroz, leader of Socialistic Party of Ukraine, in an interview to journalists.

“It is a new system. It is a democratic model, and we never had democracy and legal system. Laws of the Constitution have never worked in Ukraine,” said Moroz and added that the political reform is a process, which can not be held painlessly, “but we must to pass this way.”

In response to journalists’ question whether he agree with that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will become a “Queen of England” after effectiveness of the political reform, the parliamentarian said: “No way. The President will have the largest plenary powers in comparison with other Presidents of European countries.”

Moroz explained that the political reform would give the President more power for dissolution of Parliament and imposition of veto on Acts, adopted by Rada.

According to Moroz, the Head of State would remain strong political figure, but “would free himself from some functions, not characteristic of the President.”

Moroz is certain that the political reform will new democratic principles of the authority formation. “It can not be considered normal that the authority is formed and regions’ heads are appointed according to a President’s likings, but not according to people’s support and likings,” declared the deputy.


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