Visiting Kahovka Hydropower Plant, Victor Yushchenko took part in a meeting to formulate a strategy for road development.

In his speech, he commented on key problems of the national road economy but noted that the 2005-2010 State Program for Road Development would help solve them. The Head of State said we should clearly determine tasks for 2006 to successfully start its implementation. We should first build three transit transportation routes and 5-6 local highways in key directions.

“Speaking about our roads, we speak about an economic revolution that can bring us colossal capitals and resources, especially taking into consideration our geographic location,” Yushchenko opined.

The Head of State believes we should only fund specific road projects: “Each oblast will have to formulate its own plan to develop or renovate roads, […]. I ask you not to spend a kopeck without a plan.”

Yushchenko said it was important to attract investment for some projects. He noted that 6% of villages and little towns did not have asphalted roads and stressed that their priority was to complete the construction of such roads throughout Ukraine. He also pointed out that it was important to inventory all roads. Then he said there was an obvious problem with road marks, signs and notices and added that they should also be written in English due to the growing number of foreigners visiting Ukraine each year.

Then he said we should do our best to make the roads really safe.

“We should demonstrate that all safety measures are adopted,” Yushchenko noted and called on road wardens, militia and local officials to cooperate to achieve this goal. “This is a complex issue you should pioneer.”

The President also urged local officials from all over Ukraine to more actively develop road infrastructure by allotting lands and conducting tender offers to implement specific projects.


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