President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko does not regret that the great number of state officials has been dismissed after “the orange team” had come to power, as he declared during yesterday’s press conference, ForUm’s correspondent informed.

In response to the question whether the new team is going to improve the present situation, caused by dismissal of 18 thousand state officials, Yushchenko pointed out: “You mention the number you bitterly mourn over. I, for example, do not mourn over it.”

According to the President, he was forced to change the “lion’s part” of government of the Tax Administration, as these structures lost the people’s trust.

The President also noted that there are “sufficient reserves” of professional state officials in Ukraine, who should feel their importance in the system of executive power.

“Believe me, several thousands of state officials are not the end, as we have several hundreds of thousands of state officials,” declared Yushchenko, having added that the changes had touched only 3-4% of all number of state officials.

According to the Head of State, not all changes were successful, and as a result, a lot of “unworthy” people were admitted to the power.

“Obviously, staff changes should have another go”, explained Yushchenko.


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