President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko does not intend to interfere in the process of the advent of the political reform (according to it Ukraine will become parliamentary-presidential republic – ed.) till the end of the year, as he declared during today’s press conference in Kyiv.

“There should be a political reform with clear political goals in Ukraine, as Ukraine needs this reform. The matter concerns the main document of the state – Constitution of Ukraine, after all,” said the President.

At the same time, Yushchenko noted that another feeling, which overwhelms him, concerns political reform’s innovations, developed and introduced by deputies (draft bill #22.22 – ed.).

“I am sure that the innovations proposed by the Act #22.22 will be no good for the people of my country. This document is very complicated, passed in an underhand way without any public consideration, regulating the issues closely connected with the destiny of ten millions of people. If it is a rational and well-elaborated project why is it done in this way?” said the President of Ukraine.

“I will not meddle with the political reform till the end of this year in order to keep the promise and not to add fuel in the fire… this process goes its own way and to change it is absolutely groundless till January 1. But further on I will draw people and sound political forces’ attention to what is really going on with the new political reform. We will see the country of success or the country of terror,” stressed the President of Ukraine.


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