On today’s press conference Victor Yanukovich, leader of Party of Regions, declared he realized that he and his followers had made mistakes during the past presidential campaign.

“We did not manage to persuade the Ukrainian people that populists and interests-society were striving for power,” pointed out Yanukovich.

During today’s meeting the political Council of Party of Regions has decided to start propaganda campaign. According to the party leader, the approved program of the party “will become a platform for our tellers.” Yanukovich also noted that the program is a collective document, which provides for strategy of Ukraine’s development for five years.

Yanukovich pointed out that “beginning from April 2006 we will take power in hand and establish order in the country.” Leader of Party of Regions is certain that “the orange team” will suffer shattering defeat. According to him, Party of Regions stands a better chance to form a coalition with other political forces than “the orange team” does.


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