Russian and Ukraine Premiers could not reach the agreement on Russian gas supply to Ukraine, the reliable source of Russian delegation in negations told.

“The agreement has not been reached. The parts have not yet stated their approaches. Ukraine has got more comprehension regarding the necessity of switching to the market prices both for the transit and for the gas supply,” said the reliable source adding that “they (Ukraine) have not already argued but still do not comprehend that it must be done immediately.”

According to the information, the definite gas price was not discussed in the negotiations at all. “It is the theme of discussion between business people. They have the methods of price formation so, only they can discuss it,” stressed the source.

Gazprom and Naftogaz continue negotiating on the gas price.

Russian President Special Representative on Development Relationship with the EU Sergey Yastrzhembsky said in the press conference in Moscow that European Union may play more active role because it was Union’s initiative to grant market economy status to Ukraine.

He also mentions that the EU pays higher attention to Moscow-Kyiv gas dispute, but it will not meddle in it.


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