A member of party Council of “Our Ukraine”, the Emergency Minister Viktor Baloha said that the quality of localization of bird flu outbreaks had an impact on the necessity to put the whole territory of Crimean Autonomy under quarantine.

A meeting of acting headquarters on bird flu liquidation took place on Saturday. The head of the headquarters Viktor Baloha, the Agrarian Minister Oleksandr Baranivskyi as well as the head of the Crimea Council of Ministers Anatoly Burdyuhov and the head of the Crimea Verkhovna Rada Borys Deych were present.

Oleksandr Baranivskyi told about the necessity to put the whole peninsula under quarantine.

Crimean PM said that it would have a considerable effect on Crimean autonomy.

“Any decision on this reason will be taken together – Viktor Baloha emphasized. – Veterinary Service of Ukraine has a competence to take this decision”.

“Our headquarters and representatives of the Agrarian Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the Healthy Ministry do their best to localize the outbreaks in 3 km zone. It is necessary to slaughter the poultry on this territory. We think it is the best way. If the epidemic distributes further, we will not have the other way out except Baranivskyi’s proposition,” Viktor Baloha said.

“On the other hand Burdyuhov is right saying that 20% of all production of poultry meat is in Crimea. Crimea is a leader in poultry production in Ukraine. That’s why the autonomy will have serious financial loss in a case of quarantine. It will have an effect in producers. That’s why the Crimean PM and the head of Crimean Parliament have something to worry about,” the minister says.

“I must admit that preventative and explanative measures in some Crimean settlements were not very qualitative. Not all poultry is kept closed even in the villages we have visited. That’s why the headquarters have fixed the period of a week during which the struggle against bird flu has to improve. Otherwise we will have to put the whole territory of Crimea under quarantine,” Baloha said.


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