Justice Minister Holovaty accused Ukrainian parliament and the Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn of intentional preventing of Constitutional Judges renewal. He came to such conclusion after participation in the 65th Plenary Session of Venetian Commission which was held in Vienna.

The Venetian Commission is worried by the existing situation in Ukrainian justice system: on 18 October 2005 the term of office of ten justicesof the 18-member Constitutional Court of Ukraine came to an end. Another three judges’ posts have been vacant for some time already. There are currently only five active justices left in the Constitutional Court (with a quorum of twelve justices), which has made constitutional justice in Ukraine inoperative for nearly two months already.

Taking into account the necessity of judicial system to function in Ukraine, the Venetian Commission calls upon Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian Parliament to carry out their constitutional duty and renew the composition of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine without any further delay.

Commenting on the Commission’s statement, Justice Minister Holovaty noted that “Verkhovna Rada destabilizes the situation in the country when it prevents the work of the Constitution court of Ukraine which must observe the constitutional activity of the parliament and the President.” He also added that acting that way the Chairman and the members of the parliament demonstrate “the lack of culture and juridical nihilism.” “Is there anywhere in the world the same practice as here when one state body is preventing another from normal functioning?” asked Holovaty. Then he added that “they must be brought to a trial!”


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