“Political trade may go too far,” Zaporizhya governor, a member of party Council of “Our Ukraine” commented on sabotage of the adoption of the state budget 2006.

“If they (the factions that did not vote for the budget –ed.) declare that they stand for people’s interests, why do they use it as means of blackmail?” Chervonenko is surprised.

Talking about Tymoshenko’s faction, which refused to back the budget 2006, Zaporizhya governor said: “When I was working in the government I got persuaded that for Yulia Tymoshenko PR is much more important than the state of economy.”

Chervonenko said he had doubts about the adoption of the state budget before the New Year.

“I heard different political forces saying ‘you meet all our demands (concerning the budget’s items) or nothing will change’. Observing the political trade taking place on the day of the budget’s consideration, the way deputies voted for the budget, I am not optimistic about the prospects of the document’s adoption…

But I hope very much that moral and common sense will dominate. If not it is not a catastrophe. People should understand what is on and give their estimate”.

Yevhen Chervonenko refused to take part in the parliamentary election-2006 as NSNU candidate.

He thinks it is necessary to be honest and not to be duel job-holder - to combine governorship and the membership in the parliament.


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